Station request - Lucifer FM

Please can you add Lucifer fm to you directory?
Many thanks i.a.

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Done. There’s not much information about the station is there? Can you check if OK please.

Does it carry advertising?

At first, thanks Brian for adding the station.
It’s very new.
No advertising, only music.
In the near future a jingle package.
But for now 100% non-stop 24/7

Thanks. I’ve removed the advertising tag for now.

I clicked out of curiosity, and Pink Floyd DSOM was playing.

I’ll check it out.

Since it’s ad free, is it user supported like Radio Paradise?

Yes, User supported.
Very wide range of music…
Started with a private jukebox.
We don’ t send commercials.
Just 100% nonstop music 24/7👍

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