Station request: Radio Calico

Hi, we’re broadcasting ad-free hi-def Rock/Pop 24/7 at and would love to be listed in Roon’s live radio.

I understand the Roon player currently has issues with ogg/flac streams that contain metadata, so for now our 192kpbs ABR stream would probably be best:

Should the FLAC/metadata issue get resolved at some point, our lossless stream is:

Both streams are also available in HTTPS on port 8443.

We are broadcasting from Merritt Island, Florida, and our station logo is attached. Thank you for your consideration.


Hello @Frank_Kane , Radio Calico is in our database already (although I noticed the geographical location wasn’t set - I’ve fixed that). Using the magnifying glass to find it is the easiest way.

The streams are labelled US only - is that correct?

You are correct with your understanding of Roon’s problems with Flac and metadata - it’s because of ogg’s use of BOS and EOS flags to signal new tracks; Roon thinks the stream has ended. The Devs are aware.

Thanks! I did search for it a couple of days ago, but I must have had a typo or something.

Our licenses for performance rights are US only right now.

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FYI. Radio Calico FLAC is natively supported and listed by Lumin hardware + Lumin app. Lumin Roon users can therefore invoke Lumin app to play it, before Roon adds the capability to play chained OGG FLAC with EOS.

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Hi @BrianW - I just spun up a separate streaming server for Radio Calico that is running Rocket Streaming Audio Server, and this appears to send metadata on our 24/48k lossless ogg/flac stream in a way that the Roon player likes. Metadata is appearing in the player, it doesn’t stop after each track, and it has a glorious green quality indicator next to it now.

If you have a moment, could you add this new stream to our listing?

Thank you!


Good work @Frank_Kane. I’ve added the link and tested it - metadata works and the stream doesn’t stop.

Thank you.

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Why there’s no Radio Calico in my Roon Live Radio? It didn’t show up by search “Radio Calico” or “METADATA” even by location at Florida. Thanks in advance.

Are you outside of the United States?

Yes. I am from Taiwan. But I can listen it from web or add it to Roon as customized station. So looks like Roon radio station has geolock for build-in station?

Yes, our licenses for the music we play require us to do our best to restrict listeners to the US. So, there is a geo-block on our website stream and Roon also implements one. If you found a way around it though, we won’t tell :wink:

Geo restrictions are implemented on a station-by-station basis within Roon I believe. It’s up to each station to determine where they can legally “broadcast.” Some countries are much easier to operate from than others…


Got it. Thanks for prompt reply.

Correct on both counts

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