Stations disapeared

This morning all my Stations disapeared. I updated to 1.8, which I didnt wanted because of the ugly typos and graphics. After update the statons did not apear again. I’m very angry because of this both - the grapgics and the stations. Why do I pay for this? In my list I miss the following stations - and yes, I tried to install them a few times this morning:

angry yous

Something’s gone wrong with Roon’s radio servers. It’s happening to everyone. I’ve told Roon.

I am glad - the horror - BBC 2 has vanished. So it is a bigger problem. Was about to jump out of the window :wink:

see also Most Internet Radio stations down again - #17 by Stephen_Page
It is since this morning.

A workaround can be add the station manually, but as http instead of https (so strip the s of the url). It looks that only https:// urls have the problem, not http://

Should be working now. See

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