Statistics in Roon

I really like statistics. It’s a reason why I use Lastfm both with LMS and Roon.
And I’m wondering what “top artist” or “top albums” means?
There are most frequently played artist or its based on hearts assigned to artist’s tracks?
Results look strange for me so I’m trying to understand it :slight_smile:
And maybe I’m the only person show wants more such information in Roon.
BTW Roon documentation is a bit poor for me. It’s only one project and its not as complex like e.g. Autocad - help should be updated more frequently. Also users support (especially for extra expensive Nucleus users !) should be quick and efficient. But after 2 months reading the forum it seems that users help users. Its very convenient for company…
but at least help/documentation should be updated more frequently that once a year…
Roon is very expensive software and users should be treated more serious.
Sorry for complaining :slight_smile:

I believe it is total time played.


Yes, that’s how I recognized it too. It can be queried by Last Week, Last Month, Last Year or All Time, which albums or artists were listened to the longest in minutes / hours / days.

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Yes. Now it makes sense.
It would be great to have more sofisticated statistics but I guess it is not top priority :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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