Status of blog and its content [resolved]

I don’t remember when this happened, but recently I noticed anything on the subdomain returns 502 Bad Gateway errors. At the time, I thought I happened to check during some server maintenance or something, but the problem has persisted.

Is this intentional? That is, is the blog being discontinued?

If so, the main site footer has a link to the blog that should be removed.

Also, there are various topics for discussing the blog entries, such as:

Clicking the “Show Full Post…” link now results in a perpetual “Loading…” display. It’d be nice if the original blog content could be inlined to preserve the continuity of the existing discussion in these topics.

fixed… sorry about that

No, I don’t believe it’s fixed - I still get 502.

Ditto, not yet fixed. Looking for a supposed CES press release.

T[quote=“Paul_Gessler, post:1, topic:17752”]
Agreed, not fixed as of this morning.

It looks like the blog is working again.