Status of Roon support for the Technics SU-G30?

The integrated amp above (which I own) is not indicated as a Roon Partner or Roon Ready.

So does it work with Roon or not?


If your device is not mentioned at the partner page, it is not Roon Ready.

Took a quick look at the specs, your device supports airplay and has USB in (and more).
So you can eg. stream with airplay or you can use RoPieee with USB.
There are a lot more possibilities, but that’s homework.
The forum and Roon support pages have many topics on what you can do to stream with Roon.

RoPieee with USB works really well, i use it with my Hegel H390.

What is RoPieee?

My doubt comes from here - apparently the SU-G30 is “Roon tested” - so does it work fully with Roon?

Hi @ricgf,

The Technics SU-G30 is a Roon Tested device. The device can be played to using Roon via AirPlay or USB.

Tks, Dylan - just for my full understanding: what are the caveats/disadvantages of Roon Tested devices when compared with Roon Ready ones?

Do Roon Tested devices use RAAT as well?

No, they need eg. a Roon Ready streamer or bridge connected to their USB input to work.

Can my Mac play that role of streamer or bridge?

Yes. There is a Roon Bridge install for macOS. The best solution would be to have ethernet to the Mac running Roon Bridge and USB out to the Technics.
If you are lucky, wifi may be good enough for the Mac.
Of course, you could also have your Roon core on the Mac with USB out to the Technics. Presumably you’d use another device to control the core.

Well, my idea has always been to have my Mac as core with the integrated dac/amp connected to it via USB (Ethernet is also possible for the Technics). If all is wired, does RAAT even matter? If so, for what purpose?

Sorry, I just wish things were clearer; this is why I am asking these questions.

I have an MSB DAC. Originally it was only Roon Tested. I had my core on a Windows machine and it worked great with the MSB DAC via USB.
Eventually the MSB got a module that made it Roon Ready. That allowed me to put my core somewhere else and connect to the DAC by Ethernet. It also added some additional functions in how Roon communicated with the DAC. But to a first approximation, they both worked great.

If your Technics isn’t Roon Ready ethernet won’t work. But USB will.

From Roon:
Roon Ready devices are network audio players which support Roon’s RAAT protocol and have
been certified by the manufacturer and Roon Labs. These devices are auto-discovered by
Roon, support high-resolution network streaming, can be synchronized with other
Roon Ready products, and offer two-way serial control between Roon and the hardware.

Roon Tested products include USB DACs, AirPlay endpoints, and other devices which use
protocols other than RAAT.

Does it matter? Probably the one thing you might not be able to do is synchronize the Technics with another Roon Ready device. But if you don’t have one of those, it doesn’t matter. I happen to like the two-way control between my DAC and Roon, but with how I have my stereo set up now, it doesn’t matter.

I had my Mac with Roon core running connected to the SU-G30 via USB and all worked just fine. [excluding the full MQA decoding (rendering) when DSP in Roon was on].

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