Step by Step Instructions for Installing Roon on Netgear 506 NAS

I am puzzling over how to get started with Roon. I want to install Roon on my Netgear 516 NAS, which has a i3 3.3ghz dual core processor and 4 gig of ram. I run Plex Media server on it with zero problems. My music is all FLAC, probably 1500 albums or so, with some DSD, probably less than 50 albums, maybe 2-3 terabytes of music total on the NAS. I will use an iPad to access the music in another room and play it through an MSB Analog DAC connected to the network via CAT6 ethernet.

I understand that I should have a SSD plugged in, so I intend to use a 128 gig USB 3.0 Flash drive plugged into the back of the NAS. Now, how the heck to I get things going? I would really like a step by step walkthrough. I know how to upload programs to the NAS, and assume that I need to use the Linux Roon Server, but I also read something about SSH’ing in and also have no idea how to run anything on the flash drive. Please help!

You need to gain access to the console on the Netgear. I suspect you may also need user privileges that allow you to install Roon Server. If you can do that you then have to find out which version of the required commands work for you and what dependencies are required. That information might best be obtained from Netgear themselves. Most of the expertise here is around the two brands which recognise Roon and allow you to download Roon from their marketplace.

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