Steps for backup restore when transfering files to new hard drive

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I am Having trouble with Back up restore steps
I moved all my files to a new Hard drive ,instead of using two separate drives
One of Those Drives broke and I was using the other drive which had some 500 files on it
That drive is plugged into my computer These all had the right edits I made

I added The New Drive which had those 500 files and the other files which were on the drive that broke.
after adding This Drive to roon The edits and Hours of editing were gone for the files on the new drive ,So I ran the back up restore of the last date I backed up

Now after the restore was done the roon soft ware went back to the way it was before I added the new
drive ,so those 500 files only ,I then added new drive ,but again edits were gone
What did I do wrong ,How do I get a Back up restore for just this new drive???

New Hard Drive is Plugged into tp-link router


I would highly recommend you don’t use a drive shared on a router

And if you started out with both on the router then that’s possibly where you started having issues.

Hi @Peter_Neski,

I am a bit confused here, these hard drives only contain your music library and not Roon database, is that correct? If you are moving files between drives, it’s best that Roon only sees the files once they have settled down so that it can match up the music files to the database contents. Our Preserve Edits Guide provides more information on this, does this help?

Well That Last Back up Restore did not work ,It found both drives (Core is on computers internal drive)
and only some things were ok ,
I took off the earlier hard drive with 500 lps ,and I am trying another restore gee this is very scary
seeing my large collection without the hours and Hours I spent editing :frowning:

Well I am happy to report That third time is the charm, and It Looks like only a few things came out wrong
and all my fears have vanished

Please do not forget to force a new backup asap, even before correcting the ‘few things’ that came out wrong.

well its not ideal, but I can play music on my node without my PC being on ,I can’t use roon ,but I still
use it ,I started plugging my drive(the One That I broke ) into my PC directly ,but for a problem That
couldn’t be solved, it was blocked when plugged directly into my PC, This was before roon, and The
Tech Support guy from Bluesound suggested a router with usb 3
Anyway I got It working now and my edits are nearly all there again

It’s seems many of us are more confused than you about what you have connected to what and backed up where…roon only backs up the database, this is not your music.

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HI @Peter_Neski,

I wasn’t able to follow your previous message.

It sounds like Roon is working again for you and the issue is resolved?
Can you confirm this?

I am sorry to say ,my restore looked good,but a closer looked showed big problems ,it added the
previous drive,so now all the duplicates which were on the 500 lp drive had correct edits and the
ones on those titles on the new drive looked like roon saw them for the first time ,some didn’t have
any info at all
I will have to do a new restore,this time with that drive removed ,and hope that works

HELP!!! is there any Phone support ??
I tried all The Steps and Backup restore says it works, then it makes me add the New Hard drive location
again, then it starts loading the files again WITHOUT MANY EDITS what other steps can I do? Please
I cant spend a year re entering this info ?

The Steps I tried connected new drive with music to my PC let roon know path to hard drive
loaded all music files
went to backups found latest back up from a bunch of back ups ran that
Roon Tells me The Back up was successful

I sart roon and it tells me it needs I need To add my music
Roon starts adding the files when I tell it where the drive is again,Then after adding files
a lot of the back up info isn’t right ,and the edits aren’t there hours of adding missing credits
are missing,cover art is also sometime missing HELP!

It would help if you slowed down and tell us what you have done in steps.

  1. I took the files from disk 1 and…
  2. After doing this I saw…
  3. Etc

It’s very confusing the way you are doing it at the moment.
Also, stop doing things until someone has a chance to see what you are doing as you are probably making it worse.

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I had my music files on two hard drives
The first was a 2 tb drive (which I will call Drive A)
when drive A was full,I bought another Drive (B) this had most of The stuff I added this year

Drive A broke and is no more because the usb connection broke

I bought a new larger Drive © and put all he files from (A and B on it)

I tried about 3 times to back up restore and Found that even though I removed the link to
drive b in roon,though the back up process this drive is found again by roon

heres the strange thing: while I could remove the link to drive B now which would get rid of doubles
of the albums I Found That The Data of My Edits is only on The files that are connected to drive B

I can keep drive B connected and Hide those same albums which are in drive C and don’t include credits ect
This doesn’t seem right ,but unless you can help I will have to do That
Thanks I hope This is clear ,Thats why Phone help is needed

Hi @Peter_Neski,

Thanks for clarifying exactly what you did, appreciate the extra details. We do not have phone support at this time, but the details you gave greatly help:

So you’re saying that you have both Drive B and Drive C active at the present time, and that Drive C contains duplicates of tracks that Roon may have already seen in Drive B?

The way that Roon works is that it matches items to the database based on audio content, and since it already saw the audio content on Drive B, it matched it up with the entry from Drive B. Then when you disabled Drive B, you left a “new” instance of the audio file from Drive C.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Completely set your old Roon database aside:
  • Make a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder
  1. Disconnect Drive B from the system so that Roon does not see it

  2. Restore your database from a backup, before this started.

Ignore this step, don’t add your new hard drive just yet.

  1. Go to Roon Settings -> Storage and edit your Drive B to point to Drive C instead (you said all of the contents from A & B are here, correct?)

  2. Enable the new Drive C location

  3. Let Roon do it’s startup scan and match the files, verify if the edits are there.

Thanks and will try Those steps ,But I noticed a problem with a small amount of lps in my collection
While most in my collection have duplicates ,so I could make the ones read off drive B the primary lp ,which gave me back the cover art and credits
But Unfortunately some have no duplicates,
and have no credits or art , I can try Identifying them again, But from using roon for a while ,I am pretty
sure the credits info isn’t in the roon database (While roon does a good job bringing up art and song titles ,but Jazz lps made from various recordings with different line ups for every few songs on a cd
are usually grouped as one big batch of performers)

I take it ,These aren’t going to be fixed if I follow these steps The Only thing I can do now is try to
find those titles on my drive B and delete the listings and reimport them Other Than that,I would have
dig up the cd and retype the info by hand again,

I am thinking of leaving things the way they are ,The Back up seemed to lose a small bit of the data

This doesn’t seem like a lot, but with my large collection ,its about data for about 20 cds

As I take it ,this data is lost for good and following those steps you gave me won’t bring that data
back ,since it isn’t there now and a back up would still be missing that info

II will now have to scan cd or copy cd info the old way before roon ,to make sure I am not left
with lost data I am not sure why roon lost that data,maybe thats something you can sort out

Hi @Peter_Neski,

If it is just a few albums that are missing the metadata, then yes manually editing them might be the better call. The process I mentioned before was if you had already made metadata edits to those albums, but Roon accidentally “saw” both versions of the albums at the same time. Do let me know how it goes with your method!

Well I did decide to keep it the way it is ,I will just have to re enter the credits for the 20 or so lps
My Worry is What happens If I decide to move my core in the future or buy a Nuc ? or If My PC crashes
ARE MY BACK UPS COMPETE?? I just did a back up again ,and it includes both drives ,I hid nearly
all the lps on drive C(new) which were on drive B(older) because those had the Metadata

Where is this data now? ,Is it in the new back up I just did? Or will I have the same problem
Will I have to follow Those Steps which I decided to skip this time?

Hi @Peter_Neski,

All of your edits are saved in the Roon database and are matched up by the contents of the files themselves, meaning that if you were to switch locations of your music storage, then using the Preserve Edits Guide would be needed to keep them, as in make sure that Roon only sees one copy of the files when re-importing.

This is For The Future ,I still have both drives connected to roon with the core on my PC

  1. Be sure you have a current backup of your database before proceeding DID THIS
  2. In Roon’s Settings > Storage , disable all old storage folders that contain the files that are being relocated.DID THIS
  3. For performance reasons, if you are adding a large amount of music (1000’s of tracks), quit Roon (or stop RoonServer on Nucleus). The best experience will come from letting Roon look at the folders when the files have settled.DID THIS
  4. Move/Copy the files
  5. If you stopped Roon in Step 2, start it again.
  6. In Roon’s Settings > Storage , edit the folders disabled in step 1 and change the folder location and Roon added old drive on its own and when I did these steps again ,with that hard drive disconnected I got all of drive c(new one) and it was missing Meta Data data for all the files that I moved from old drive(drive B) You sent me a complex list of steps to fix this ,My Question is will I have
    to preform these steps to fix this if I move my core in the future,Or will a new backup up of my room
    Library(with drive B lps with Meta data showning,and Drive C 's copies of those same lps hidden )
    include meta data from Drive B ? Is that clear ?