Steps to Switch Roon Core from iMac to MacBook Pro with Qobuz (ref#53KR9B)

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I want to switch my Room Core from one computer to another. I just use Qobuz. I have no local files. Please provide step by step instructions.

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Recent iMac to 2018 MacBook Pro

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Chord Poly and Chord Mojo2

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You don’t really need to switch anything. You can have multiple Roon servers (cores) with one Roon license. Just install Roon on your other computer and sign into your Roon account. You will have to authorize the new computer and unauthorize the old computer as part of the sign-in process. Then, go to Settings - Services and sign into your Qobuz account. All of your Qobuz favorites will automatically populate your Roon library on the new computer. Make sure you use your same Roon and Qobuz account name and password.

I forgot to mention, you probably want to back up your iMac and restore the backup to your MacBook Pro to bring in all of your history and any edits you have done to your metadata, etc.

This is documented in:

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