Stereo content output incorrectly as multi-channel

@support Since Roon doesn’t upmix stereo content to multi-channel, I need to switch the playback settings in Roon from multi-channel when playing 5.1 content to 2 channel when playing stereo content so my McIntosh MX160 can do the upmix. This is an annoying task but doable.

The problem I’m having is that Roon seems to relentlessly output 7.1 channels as indicated by my MX 160 input format display even when 2 channel output is selected on Roon. Since the MX 160 sees it is getting 7.1 channels it doesn’t upmix even though there is only two channels of sound and the rest is silent. Is it a Roon issue or could it be that the Mac HDMI output add the extra channels? Either way is there a fix?

My set up is Roon 1.3 on a Mac Mini (Sierra) music server with USB connected drive and an HDMI connection to a McIntosh MX 160

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That’s odd. The default setting in Roon (since version 1.3) is to send stereo on two channels only. See the Multichannel settings page in the Knowledge Base.

I agree. I’m running Roon Server v 1.4. I’ve tried both selecting 2 channel output and 5.1 channel output with the Send Stereo Content as 5.1 selected to No.

Is it possible that the Mac Mini is adding back channels?

I’ve found a solution. I made a USB audio connection to the MX 160 which will send only 2 channels and left the HMDI connection for multi-channel content. Each is a set up a as a separate output device and I select the device according to the content. It works perfectly.