Stereophile "records to die for" playlist"?

I just started creating a Roon playlist for Stereophile “records to die for” that I can find on Tidal. Now it occurs to me to ask whether anyone has already done this, or knows where I can find one. (So far Google search hasn’t turned up anything.) If anyone has one and would be kind enough to share it, I’d love to have it. If not, I will continue to chip away at my own and happily share it when I’m done…which might be awhile.

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Don’t know how comprehensive it is. I think it also includes some Audiostream’s Lovely Recordings…but mostly R2D4.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. My Tidal searches didn’t come up with anything, but this might be because I’m subscribed to Tidal Brazil, with a Portuguese interface. It’s geared toward Brazilian musical tastes.

Very nice! I searched for R2D4 in the Tidal section in Roon, and there it was. The results on shuffle are strange, but I have Stereophile’s assurances that they are good.

A search for the same thing through Roon using Tidal Brasil or directly through Tidal Brasil comes up with nothing. However, the link above worked. Thanks very much.

How do you view the Playlist in Roon after you’ve added it to favorite in Tidal?

It appears that this is not working for me. Not sure why though because I have a few Favorite PL in Tidal. Only newly created PL in Roon show.

Try the following suggestion.
Once you create the playlist favorite in Tidal, go to Roon or Tidal on Roon and search for the exact name of the playlist. I had to do this, but I was assuming it was because I am a client of Tidal Brasil, and I was dealing with a playlist that was impossible to find on Tidal Brasil except through the link supplied to me here. After I searched for the exact name, the playlist appeared and I was able to copy it over to a Roon playlist using the instructions in the link I posted.
Give it a try. I suspect it will work for you.

Ok, I found it! I had to enable "Shared Playlist and they showed up. Had duh moment! LOL