Stereophile September '17 Follow up review on Roon 1.3

Page 114: This is not a full review but a follow up coming in from Roon 1.0 and on Roon 1.3. Lots of praises :slight_smile: .

We’re still on 1.3?

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not for long

it said Roon v1.3 build 234 (way … old :slight_smile: ) by Kalman Rubinson.

I m sure the next Roon Release should call for full review.

You have to appreciate the latency associated with print media. The submission deadline for the September issue was the first week of June and, of course, there had to be time preceding that date for installation, use and writing.

There will be more as things evolve.


Hi Kalman,

I know – just joked around a bit. It is a nice little write-up from a clearly defined perespective.

In fact I resubscribed to Stereophile last week after letting my subscription lapse, because I missed the high quality writing – even on subjects that don’t have my interest per se. :thumbsup: