Steve Miller artist merge

This may or may not pertain to 1.8, I never tried this before. Roon has two artists, Steve Miller Band (no “The”) and Steve Miller. Both artist pages have the same biographical text but different pictures. Albums are assigned to one artist or the other and neither artist page has a full discography. I merged the two artists and made Steve Miller Band the main listing. This is actually sub-optimal because they actually are two different artists. Steve Miller has never released an album under his own name. All those records are by Steve Miller Band. On the other hand, Steve Miller Band was never a side man on other people’s records (other than one Chuck Berry album). That was Steve Miller the guitarist. But so be it.

Here’s the problem: in the Albums view, when sorted by Artist, the albums that were formerly credited to Steve Miller are alphabetized under “M” and albums that were formerly credited to Steve Miller Band are alphabetized under “S”. I’m not arguing here which choice is correct, but merely stating that it should be consistent and all relevant albums should be found at under one letter, either M or S. The only way I could figure out how to fix it was to manually edit the Primary Artist each album listing assigned to Steve Miller. Doing that, I also found one album assigned to a non-existent artist “The Steve Miller Band.” All these assignments were from Roon’s database, not my file data.

This is correct and consistent behaviour for an individual and a group or band. I think the problem you have is caused by merging an individual artist and a group. Typically, you would use merge to combine the same artist.

Also, there are differences between the two overview pages even though they share the same biography, e.g. date of birth vis-à-vis date formed etc. Also, Steve Miller has a Compositions tab. You can unmerge from Settings > Library.