Sticky pushbuttons

When you press buttons such as next and previous track, the buttons remains in a clicked state until another button is pressed or a (if enabled) mouse cursor is moved. During this time a label shows up, for instance “Next” when the next button has been pressed; which is rather unneccesary.
Furthermore, because of this, the button looks inactive, while still perfectly active.
This behavious does not match the behaviour of other buttons–e.g. the play/pause button.

Another minor thing, the label for the previous track button reads “PREVIOUS”, while next and play reads “Next” and “Play”, causing a slight unexpected inconsistency. While I’m on the subject, why does some buttons have labels, while others don’t? For example the top “View lyrics” button, when in the queue view, doesn’t have a label, while the lower “View lyrics” button does (in all-capitals).

Could you please change this behaviour for the next release? Or perhaps there is a perfectly reasonable explanation that I’ve overlooked.

Occuring on both Windows 8.1 and -10; I haven’t tested any other platforms.