Still can't get Roon to recognize my Android phone

First, I just want to say Roon is working perfectly with my iPad. That’s not my issue. But I’m trying to get Roon to recognize my Android phone so I can use my phone (in addition to my iPad) to control Roon. I’ve downloaded the Roon app to my phone but all I get is the “Remote Connection” page that says…“Waiting for remote connection”. Toward the bottom of the page it says “Select a different core”. I can’t seem to get to the “Help” page. I can get to the “Support Page” which is toward the bottom of the “Remote Connection” page. But the “Support Page” has not been helpful. I’ve read if I can navigate to the “Help” page I can get to the IP address page and enter which will supposedly solve my problem. But, as I stated above, I can’t navigate to the “Help” page. It initially comes up on the “Remote Connection” page but when I try to select it, it disappears and goes back to the “Remote Connection” page. I then have to restart Roon on my phone to get “Help” back on the screen and the same thing happens when I try to select “Help” again.

Hello @Thomas_Williamson, thanks for your report! IF the Android device in question has ever connected to your core previously, you’ll have a different screen. You should have a “choose a different core” option on the screen, tapping there should get you back to the screen with the help option. If you still aren’t seeing the option you need, please post a screenshot and I’ll help you navigate from there.

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