Still Having Problems with my Nucleus - Plug and Play? That's a laff!

These screenshots were taken when you were using the Wifi connection - I see the WiFi icon in the Taskbar. And when you use a wired ethernet connection on your laptop, then you are able to connect to the Nucleus using File Explorer?

If that’s the case, then it does look as though there are two separate networks in play here. So, right-click on the WiFi icon to go to your Network and internet settings, click on properties, and tell us what the IPv4 address of your laptop connection is.

Then do the same for the wired connection - right-click on the network connection icon in the Taskbar and go to the properties to display the IPv4 address for that connection…

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Okay. Willdo I’ll get back asap


Hi Geoff,

Right providing I’ve done this right: IPv4 addresses as follows;

Wifi -
Wired -
Nucleus -


Geoff’s suspicion was correct, you have two networks going. The Wired and Nucleus are on the same network, the Wifi is a different network.

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… and Roon requires all the components to be on the same network. Can you give more details on what your network setup is?

Ah - looks as though the Bitdefender Box may be setting up a different IP address range for its Wifi network?

Looks like? Question is what do I do to fix it. I’m clueless. Honestly I’m rubbish, I can use them, but when it starts to get technical…

Inassume I need to get the Nucleus on the same network?

Honestly Geoff I dont know. I’m not very technical I’m afraid. But it certainly looks like it. I also have a Deco mesh network, so dont know if that’s doung something either?

A review of the box on Amazon includes

“In addition, in my experience, most network routers etc use the IP range to 255, with .254 normally being the router IP. The Box 2 creates a new network with range to 255 by default”

Perhaps the best thing is to tell us in detail what your network setup is - hardware and connections. Here’s mine as an example. Pencil and paper will be good enough to document it - you don’t need fancy graphics.

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Oh dear… Let’s just make things more complicated than they need to be…

Thanks for your time and patience Geoff. I’ll draw thing out in the morning and get it sent over. I will also contact bit defender.


You have a very complicated set up for a non techie.
You have three pie rs of equipment, each of which can be a network by itself.
They need to be configured to play nicely together.


As per request. Please find attached (badly drawn) schematic of my network. Wired and WiFi. Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Ged.

Trying to get it sorted. Very frustrating, particularly as I am a non techie as you said.


OK - so now it’s clear why you have two networks running in your home - one is created by the Hub and the other by the Bitdefender box.

Personally, I’m not convinced by the Bitdefender box marketing, and it has not got a good review here. However, that may well be water under the bridge for you, and you want to carry on with its use.

If this is the case, then my suggestion would be to move the Netgear switch to the output of the Bitdefender and connect all your wired devices (including the powerline adaptor - another class of device that can give problems) to the switch.

That way, the new topology will have all devices connected to a single network with addresses in the range 174.24.1.x.

Once that’s done, we can take a look at why you are having difficulty connecting the Nucleus to the NAS.

I agree with Geoff’s recommendations.

A couple of questions if I may …

  1. Is the VirginMedia Hub 3 configured to have its WiFi disabled?

  2. If not are all your wifi devices connected to the Delco access point rather than the VirginMedia Hub?

Having two active wifi routers will be fraught with issues, the system needs to be rationalised to all devices are on the same subnet.

Hi Geoff,

Right that’s that done! and all now appearing on the same network. As a test I have dragged and dropped files from my NAS to the Nucleus, and seems to be going well. I want to use the Internal Storage of the Nucleus as my main folder and back up to the NAS (does that sound sensible?).

So the issue left is now adding the NAS and Internal Storage as folders? I’ve tried copying over the file path from windows explorer, but just get an error message?

I would also like to offer a persona and genuine thanks for your advice, support and patience. I would have got nowhere without it. So, thank you.



Thanks Carl, Yup, but getting there.