Still Having Problems with my Nucleus - Plug and Play? That's a laff!

Thanks for your time and patience Geoff. I’ll draw thing out in the morning and get it sent over. I will also contact bit defender.


You have a very complicated set up for a non techie.
You have three pie rs of equipment, each of which can be a network by itself.
They need to be configured to play nicely together.


As per request. Please find attached (badly drawn) schematic of my network. Wired and WiFi. Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Ged.

Trying to get it sorted. Very frustrating, particularly as I am a non techie as you said.


OK - so now it’s clear why you have two networks running in your home - one is created by the Hub and the other by the Bitdefender box.

Personally, I’m not convinced by the Bitdefender box marketing, and it has not got a good review here. However, that may well be water under the bridge for you, and you want to carry on with its use.

If this is the case, then my suggestion would be to move the Netgear switch to the output of the Bitdefender and connect all your wired devices (including the powerline adaptor - another class of device that can give problems) to the switch.

That way, the new topology will have all devices connected to a single network with addresses in the range 174.24.1.x.

Once that’s done, we can take a look at why you are having difficulty connecting the Nucleus to the NAS.

I agree with Geoff’s recommendations.

A couple of questions if I may …

  1. Is the VirginMedia Hub 3 configured to have its WiFi disabled?

  2. If not are all your wifi devices connected to the Delco access point rather than the VirginMedia Hub?

Having two active wifi routers will be fraught with issues, the system needs to be rationalised to all devices are on the same subnet.

Hi Geoff,

Right that’s that done! and all now appearing on the same network. As a test I have dragged and dropped files from my NAS to the Nucleus, and seems to be going well. I want to use the Internal Storage of the Nucleus as my main folder and back up to the NAS (does that sound sensible?).

So the issue left is now adding the NAS and Internal Storage as folders? I’ve tried copying over the file path from windows explorer, but just get an error message?

I would also like to offer a persona and genuine thanks for your advice, support and patience. I would have got nowhere without it. So, thank you.



Thanks Carl, Yup, but getting there.


OK glad you’re getting there. I’m not quite clear as to the precise nature of your remaining issue. You say that you are able to drag and drop files between your NAS and your Nucleus? Is this using a “file explorer” function in the web interface of your NAS? And you can’t use the Windows File explorer to do the same thing? Is that the issue?

Oh, and best practice is indeed to use the Internal Storage of your Nucleus as your main “Watched Folder” in Roon, and use the NAS to backup these files.

Hi Geoff, good morning. I hope you are well? I hope the following makes sense…

I am trying to logically cross off the remaining issues. All Devices are now detectable on the network. All have IP Addresses within the range (using fring). The remaining issues are as follows;

  1. Cannot find the internal storage of Nucleus
    As you can see form the screenshot the Nucleus and WD My Cloud appear on the network. I have been assured by the supplier the my Nucleus has been fitted with a 1tb HDD. But I believe it should appear on the web administration website, but it doesn’t? There is a file within the Nucleus showing as “Storage” then within that “Data”. The properties of this folder showing zero bytes used or available. As an experiment I copied a few files over to it from my cloud, using drag and drop within file explorer. As you can see these copies over and can been seen in the data folder. Although the properties of this folder has not changed still zero used and available. When you open up Roon, no albums, folders, files are available or can be added.

  2. Roon Recognising folders

a. When I start up Roon it states no music files are available.
b. When I choose “add folder” the screen offers no choices to add. Not even those within the internal “Data” file
c. When I try “Add Network Share” with all connotations of Path names I can find and copy. I only ever get “Bad Path Name” Messages.

Sorry this is long winded Geoff, but trying my best to give as much info as I can. Also feel like an Urangutan dabbling in string theory at the moment.

Cheers Steve

Couple more screenshots.

OK - from your screenshots it definitely looks as though your dealer has NOT installed a 1TB HDD for music storage. It should be showing up on the Web Administration page - and it’s not.

Also, that screenshot of the results of your copying over music files to the Nucleus shows that the files are being placed on the SSD used for the Roon operating system, the Roon database and the Roon software itself. This is not correct, and you should remove those music files.

If your Nucleus had been fitted with an additional drive for Music storage, then:

  • a) it would show up in the Web Administration page,
  • b) it would automatically show up on the Storage page in Roon (Settings > Storage) - you don’t have to add it yourself, and
  • c) it would show up as a folder called InternalStorage in the Windows File Explorer - and that’s where you would copy your music files to.

I have a ROCK system (a DIY Nucleus) and for comparison, this is what I see for a, b and c.

I think you should have a word with your dealer…


Thanks Geoff,

I decided the only way to clear this up once and for all was to take the bottom panel off. and lo and behold. No HDD.

So I am contacting supplier as I speak. Fuming…



Well, glad we were able to get to the bottom of it, as it were, but sorry for the hassle with your dealer…

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Yup another stepdown the road. They are sending me a hard drive.

Now I think that only leaves the question as to why the Nucleus can’t see any other folder or music files on the Network such as those in my NAS drive or Laptop?.


In fairness to them. The Nucleus is boxed and sealed when it comes to them. I think the error is further up the supply chain somewhere.

Well, it can, but we need the proper incantations to add network folders - and those folders need to have been previously made visible on the network before the Nucleus will be able to see them.

Can we leave that for another day? I’m winding down here.

Can you say who the dealer is? @support should take this up within Roon Labs if possible.

Right, let’s tackle this.

I assume that you mean to set up a folder on your NAS to hold Roon Backups? You don’t want to add music files on the NAS as a Watched Folder in Roon, since you will be using your Internal Storage (once it arrives!) in the Nucleus.

I see that you have a MyCloud NAS. Check out the section on MyCloud in this help article:

If you still have difficulty, post screenshots of the Roon screens, in particular the “Add Network Share” screen.

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Hi Geoff, just catching. Oh for goodness sake, yes! I was sounding off rather than expecting an answer. Apologies if it came across that way. I will catch up over the weekend on other emails and get back to you. I f I don’t get some thing done in the garden this weekend, you’ll be reading my obituary! Lol.


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