Still loving Roon

Still loving Roon… there seems to be a bit of a dearth of praise posts for Roon and the guys’ achievement with the project, so I thought I’d share a recent experience which I am sure I would not have had t’were not for Roon.

I was listening to Whole of the Moon earlier and the Radio kicked in and started playing a track from Laid by James. I don’t know this album at all and thanks to the Radio playing one good track, and the writeup of the album and the 4.5 stars, etc I thought I’d play the rest of it. Superb album!

Were it not for Roon,it would have sat rotting in my collection perhaps for decades or never got a play at all perhaps. Now I’m sharing tracks with my music club and will mark it for relistening on a regular basis.

What I’m finding is that I am preferring a listening session to, say, watching a film or ingesting some TV show. I just love to see where Roon is taking me…

I usually kick of a musical experience with the Discover feature, brilliant! Love the way it brings up some obscure session player and shows the various albums they might have played on, for example.

Thank to all at Roon - cheers guys!!