Still necessary to separate Roon server from bridge?

Current setup
Roon server - 2018 Mac Mini with 8GB ram with all music stored on internal 1TB SSD drive. I have about 700 ripped albums with a total of 22,000 tracks. Hardwired to ethernet switch
Roon bridge - 2012 Mac Mini with 16GB ram. Hardwired to ethernet switch
Meridian Explorer DAC plugged connected via USB to Roon bridge feeding a Outlaw Audio receiver

Possible new setup
Purchase a Mac Mini M2 or M3 with 16GB ram (maybe 32) to use as Roon Server and plug the Meridian DAC directly into it and not use a Roon bridge. The other option is the ditch the 2012 Mac Mini and use the 2018 Mini as the bridge

With a new Mac Mini which is very fast and quiet is it still necessary to use a separate Bridge to get the best sound quality?

funny, i’d use the 2012 mini with 16GB as the core/server!

It is still best practise to have a Roon Bridge (or a Roon Ready endpoint) separate from the Roon Server. See “Our Recommendations”:

However, the extra loading on the Roon Server to handle the endpoint as well is minimal.

If you can, try and see - only you can determine if there will be an SQ difference.

I have and use two endpoints/bridges but when I try to stream directly from my NUC to the DAC I get the same SQ, as far as my hears can tell. I could live happily with it.