Still no Apple TV Display?

I just want confirmation that there is no Apple TV support at this time. This is brutal. I just switched completely from Android to Apple. Luckily my TV has Chromecast buit in. Come on this is a joke, right?


I’m not quite sure what you are asking, I have both of my Apple TV’s listed as airplay devices. And using the third party app I have a way to view and control Roon through my Apple TV remote; what more is it that you want?

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You might want to check out the Apple TV extension by one of the members in the community.


How did you do this? My Roon only shows me my Google TV.
Apple TV is set up fine and running in the same wifi.
No option to change anything.


Have you enabled the Apple TV in Settings>Audio ?

If you want Roon to display on Apple TV the 3rd party app TV:Remote works nicely.

Run my music through both my Apple TV and Apple Homepod Mini’s using Airplay, without any issues. I also use the 3rd party iOS display for Apple TV.

Thanks. I will try that.