Still no ARC 1.0.54 in Play Store after three days?

Just asking if it is just me?

Still on 1.0.53 here in the UK and just did a check in the play store and no update available


Same here. Also in the UK. Still on build 100272 with no update available.

Still on build 100272 here in Denmark, with no update available in playstore

No update for me either in UK.

On 1.0.54 here in the US, says it updated on May 29, 2024 on my Android phone.
Also says it requires android 9 and up if that matters to you.

edit: AH, just realized I got it early due to being in the early access tester group, so ignore me…

My S23 has a May 13, date. Ver.1.0.53

Just got the update in the play store (Germany) :slight_smile:

Likewise in the UK.

Just got the update here in Denmark

Same here just got it.

Wow it’s so great to have the standard android buttons at the bottom of the screen there and functional!

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