Still not seeing Daily Mix

Here I still cannot see the daily mixes either on an Android 11 tablet or on my windows laptop. First noticed this issue yesterday.

Hi @Norbert_Neuwirth

Do you have Tidal or Qobuz enabled in Roon?

If so, can you share some details on your setup? Thanks!

Hi @dylan,
Core on an innuos zen mini mk3; endpoint naim muso 2nd gen (at the moment) connectes via a cat 6 cable. I hope this will help. I have already uploaded the log files as recommended.

@Norbert_Neuwirth can you confirm this?

Sorry, I have Tidal enabled with roon.

Thanks for confirming, @Norbert_Neuwirth. I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account, our QA team will look into this and I’ll follow up with you soon.

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Hi @dylan,
the daily mixes show up again!

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