Still plenty orig release date > release date issues


there are still plenty of these release date issues I mentioned already, now as I am in Tidal I also see this in tidal albums.

It’s “Originally released” > “Released” . As this is simply impossible it would be great if that can be fixed. I don’t know from which fields you pull that and what your providers mess up there. But as I can’t switch it off it would be great to not display such things or fix it please.


Thanks for the report @Machine – can you give me an example or three from Tidal, and we’ll take a look.


@mike : Sure…

Thanks @Machine. I’m going to look into this one.

Can you check one more thing if you don’t mind – do your tags match what we’re displaying as release date?

I’ll check that for a few of my releases and get back to you

No my tags don’t match that in every case, one time it matches but it seems by luck maybe

my tags :

but here it doesn’t correspond at all, this is just a big mess of dates :wink: The release date in my tags is the correct one…

tags :

Hope that helps a bit

just as additional info, the tag DATE in my tags is only filled with year for compatibility and conformity with releases where I don’t have exact days and months of the releases, it’s sometimes really hard to find out

For the last one there is even a correct release in the manual identify with 5 Mar 2001 by Virgin distribution, but even if you select that the album screen stays with the same dates…

I believe the 5th of June date reflects when the Muse album came out in France and Germany. I downloaded a copy from HDTracks DE on the 6th.

yeah, at least I have no problem with the 5th of June, but I don’t want that the album was originally released after this release date. Maybe the original release date reflects US then? I don’t know but I want to get rid of this :slight_smile: