Still severely flawed for classical music

Had to try multiple searches to retrieve Janet Baker’s Ruckert lieder.

What terms were you using? It may be something specific to your setup

Because “janet baker ruckert lieder” returns:

To what setup criteria are you referring and how and where do I find them?

Control-F (or click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) and then type your search. In order to find something you should have it either ripped and imported into Roon and/or have a subscription to Tidal or Qobuz.

Maybe you should play around a little bit with Roon and read the online help available:

Works for me too, however, its still too fussy. “Ruckert lieder” returns the above, but “Janet Baker Ruckertlieder” returns the ‘Bakersfield Sound’ genre.

Try keeping the search simpler , I used Ruckert Lieder and go to the Composition.( Adding extra strings to the search makes it less efficient rather than more specific . Searching in 2 halves works better)

Janet Baker is one of the suggested top performers

The other option is Search “Janet Baker”, click Discography then Filter “Ruckert” straight there

Something to do with Skinning Cats

Search functionality got a lot better over the past year. There are still a few misses but on this example I also get a match. If I only enter “Janet Baker”, this recording shows up in forth position on her “Recommended Albums” list, so maybe not the best example to complain about Roon search…

“Janet Baker Ruckert Lieder” in the search box nailed it for me.

But I now have “Janet Baker Ruckert Lieder” stuck in my search box and I can’t x it out!

Yep, another well know bug…

Search works, but the search box not :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But then thats not just for classical but for all…

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