Still Unable to log into roon - again

Intel NUC Mini PC Kit NUC8i5BEH Core i5, Tall version
connected directly to
Verizon Router CR1000A
Using Windows 10 PC
Chromcast Audio
Windows 10 PC
Google nest Hub Max
Pixel 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

35000 Tacks

I was using Roon Arc while walking the dog this morning and it suddenly went off line.
When I got home I was unable to connect to my core from the pixel 7 and the Samsung Galaxy tab A8 getting a message asking if I was offline.

I can see my NUC core and files from my Dell XPS 8500 Windows 10 PC.
I backed out of Roon app on my Windows PC and now I cannot log back in to Roon on any of the devices.

{Moderator removed image due to containing personal information}

Tried rebooting router and pc and NUC core but same result.
This also happened to me in November and Benjamin in support was able to resolve the isssue.
This has been going on since December 12th.
I have Roon working on my PC, but cannot log in from the NUC

Renato Nieradka

Hi renato,

I removed your image because it held personal information. Could you repost your pic without that information?


What information are you looking for? I am not sure how to do that

Sent a private message.