Stockhausen "Mantra" Composition not matched with Qobuz

This superb recording just received a “Diapason d’Or”. Unfortunately Roon does not recognize the composition and lists all 15 Tracks seperately. The official composition name is “Mantra, for 2 pianos with percussion & electronics”.

Could this get corrected, please?

I don’t think that this album has been “ingested” into the Roon database yet. It was only released two days ago. It’s not yet visible in Roon, only in the Qobuz app.

Let’s wait and see what happens when it gets into Roon. The only other recording that Roon knows about is this one - and here Mantra is recognised as a single work with 26 parts(?).

thank you @Geoff_Coupe

Thats not quite right. I found the recording in the Roon App. But happy to wait a few days to see what happens. On the other recording the parts seem to be broken up a little differently (by bar count actually). In the recording I mentioned it has 15 parts.

Ah, yes, you’re right - if you look at the discography of Jean-François Heisser, then there it is. I was looking at the Compositions of Stockhausen, and did not find this recording. Come to think of it, that’s because, as you say, Roon does not recognise this as a composition, but as an album with 15 individual tracks.

So, over to Roon, I think.

This is unfortunately still wrong. Any news?

I am guessing that this should be corrected at the metadata source, rather than by a manual correction made by Roon Labs in their database for this album. I believe that Roon Labs has a process in place for this with the metadata providers, but don’t expect a quick turnaround…