Stoned Immaculate incorrect track title [Resolved]

Hey @dylan, I found another mistitled track. It is on another various artist CD that I just ripped and scanned in.

Album title - Stoned Immaculate: The Music of The Doors
Track title - Roadhouse Blues
Track number - 10

Roon is displaying the track title as “Rock House Blues” on both my FLAC and AAC files of the track. I have tried the re-id, re-scan and re-analyze options under edit, to no avail. I have checked my files and even Roon has the file names as correct. This is the first database snag I have noticed, as a newer Roon user. I am a long time computer music user btw, like 20 years. Here is a screenshot of the error. Thanks and love the service.

@dylan, I just re-checked this album listing and it still has the wrong title for the song. Should I open a new ticket? Thanks.

@joel, I just checked my Stoned Immaculate entry and it still is not correct. Thanks.


I created a new thread for this specific issue, which wasn’t the target of the fixes that were implemented earlier in the month. @dylan @nuwriy Perhaps you could pick this up? I think that it’s bad meta at source.

Hi @Brown_Sound,

We are reaching out to our metadata provider on this one. We should be hearing back from them soon. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks guys!

Hi @Brown_Sound — Our metadata provider has let us know that they have corrected this today. Please give this about a week or two to be reflected within Roon. Once you see the change on your end please mark this post as the solution.

Thanks again for your report!

Sounds great, Sir. I’m pretty picky about my tags, if I find another error, is this the proper channel to report it? Thanks again, Dylan!

Hi @Brown_Sound,

Definitely! Just share them here in #support:metadata-issues, preferably with the info outlined here, and we can take a look.

In cases like this we can reach out to our metadata provider, and in other cases we will use your report as an example to improve our metadata algorithms in the future, but either way we always appreciate reports like this!

@dylan, the bad metadata is now corrected, thanks again. :sunglasses:

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