Stop asking why I skipped a track?

(Larry Post) #1

Is it possible to turn off the question as to why I skipped a track when playing Roon Radio?

I’ve searched the forum and scoured the client settings and just haven’t been able to locate the setting

(Alex) #2

You don’t have to give an answer. I just ignore it.

(Brian) #4

Tap/click near the end of the playing line. Music jumps, you get the last second or so but no message.

(Karl Simhofer) #5

Hi Larry
you can disable it in setting / setup

(Brian) #6

That doesn’t work I’m afraid. It will stop Roon telling you what’s upcoming, but it still asks you why you skipped a track.

(Karl Simhofer) #7

on my setup it works fine no notification any more but Roon Radio is still working on I can choose songs as always, like it or not like :slightly_smiling_face:

(Brian) #8

That’s interesting if so, but it appears from your screen grab that those songs in your queue were added directly by you (there is no little radio icon after Added by Karl). Go to the bottom of your queue and start playing your baby ain’t sweet like mine by John Lee. This is added by Roon radio. Now try skipping it.

(Karl Simhofer) #9

It doesn’t matter if the track add by Radio or by my self it shows up as add by Karl and if i skip the song, Roon Radio adds the next with out asking why i skipped it

(Brian) #10

Have you got Radio limited to your Library? I believe that makes the difference.
Or alternatively, you dont have Tidal or Qobuz

(Karl Simhofer) #11

yes i have it limited to my Library but with my Favorites from Tidal too

(Karl Simhofer) #12

Hi Brian,
switched off limited to Library but no notification pop up only small

questions on the right side.

(Brian) #13

Ok, now skip the track whilst in the now playing screen.

(Karl Simhofer) #14

Yes , I skip it and no question pops up.

(Brian) #15

Strange. You’re

  1. Not limiting to library
  2. Playing a track picked by radio
  3. On a screen without queue showing
  4. Skipping the track

And you don’t get the pop-up?

Beats me, 'cos I do.

(Anthony) #16

So do I. I’ve tried everything suggested in this thread.

(Larry Post) #17

Thanks, but I’ve had that set to no for quite some time now. It doesn’t affect the question about skipping for me only what coming up next…