Stop music at the end of playback [Answered - Disable RADIO mode]

I got Roon a couple of days ago. It‘s pretty good.
One thing I don‘t like, but i can‘t find a work around. At the end of a playback, roon selects independently a new playback, randomly.
So, I get funny situations. E.g. we sit with friends and listen to Bach‘s Christmas Oratorium. At the end - very suitable - roon starts Uriah Heep.

How can I prevent that? When I start a certain music, I want roon to stop after the playback and not to start any other music.
But, I can‘t find any setting to do so.

Thank you for your help.

It sounds like you have Radio enabled … you can turn it off. Read the following post.

Thank you, that was it, hopefully.
I looked in the Radio section an there was, „play radio …“ on.
But, I had never set in on. That is a very bizzarr preset and it is verry well hided.
And why does it play music from radio, i still got on my server?
And why is Uriah Heep similar music to Bach??? :thinking::smirk::joy:


It’s called Radio, but it plays selections from your Library, both local and streamed. The devs have indicated there are plans to extend it to streamed music not in your Library.

The thinking for having Radio default to On is to enable users to have music playing unless they explicitly stop it. I agree that the switch is difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Once you know that the Queue is where you go to Control what is playing it makes sense, but you need to know that. The Roon Knowledge Base helps with the learning curve.

Bach to Uriah Heep seems a big jump. It sounds like some similarity in a holiday genre. Was the Uriah Heep associated with Christmas or any other holiday in some way ?

I would expect everything I want to switch on or of in “Settings”.

I got my music in folders. Most of the time it is the artist name, e.g. Uriah Heep and then the albums in it. Some music is in folders like “Christmas” or “Classic”, with subfolders like “Bach”, “Bruckner” etc. I do not know, what should be the link between this music. Also I don’t know, what it is to Chris de Burgh, one favourite of roon, too. He comes after Christmas Music, also after Josh Groban etc. My tags are limited “Rock”, “pop”, “Classic” “Folk”…
But still there could be some link, because of bad auto-tagging in the beginning. I will check that later. But that must be a very funny similar for Bach and Uriah Heep an Chris deBurgh. For me there should be no similarity, anyway.

The fault is that Radio is ON by default and that it reveals itself by playing totally inappropriate and jarring music. I just did a new install of Roon on a new piece of hardware, something I have done a dozen or more times. However, since Radio is not in the settings menu, it quickly raised its impertinent little head by playing the Beach Boys right at the end of the first act of Parsifal. Then I had to scramble and try to remember how to turn it off.

To paraphrase an old line and apply it to the Radio function, “it’s not that it well but that it does it at all!” Please put it in the Settings where it belongs.


I agree!!!:+1::+1:


I agree too. It is a very well hidden setting and automatic Radio selections are near useless and annoying.

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