Stop playing radio by itself

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon ROCK / NUC8i3 / Serial #1C697A03FBE1

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


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Description Of Issue


I use to turn on my stereo roughly couple of hours before I start listening as my headphone amp is an OTL vacuum tube and need to warm up
… after last update I turn everything on as usual and live it play and when I’m back music is not playing :confused:… this already happens a couple of time and never happened in the past, I could live it on for hours with continuous music reproduction without any problem
… the Zone is a dac IFI nano BL DSD directly connected to my NUC via usb
… I can’t find any sleep setting
… the station I use for that is FluxFM Xjazz

thks in advance for help

Is Roon Radio de activated by chance?

no, it works properly… when I turn all on I check is playing listening quickly my headphone

Are you using power line adapters for network? Do they need a re boot?

no, there is a cat6 connection between NUC and modem-router (Fritz)

Hi @Paolo_C,

If you play different content does the same behavior occur?

As a test could you try playing to a different endpoint? Does the same issue occur?

Ciao Dylan,

I tried different radio station with the same result… I try immediately another endpoint and let you know

Ciao Dylan,

so while playing content from Qobuz via NUC/IFI I selected another end point, Raspberry with Ropiie, and started a radio

I continued to listen via IFI for more then one hour leaving the raspy alone… switched off the Ifi endpoint and didn’t touch/checked the raspy… after more then four hours the radio is still playing

23,25 update: I let the radio play via NUC-iFi until now and it’s still working… the only thing I’ve done has been restart the Roon server, but after last update I had already restarted the whole NUC … I don’t understand

Hi @Paolo_C,

It sounds like the issue went away for the iFi zone? If it re-occurs, can you please check if other zones such as the Ropiee are still working as expected when the issue occurs on the iFi?

Ciao Noris,

sure! If/when will happen again I will check and inform you… today I let the radio play via iFi for more then six hours (the other end poin were all off) and I had no problem

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