Stop playing randomly

Roon Core Machine

Macbook late 2016, i5, 8GB, exclusively running Room Core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Airport, WiFi, no VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

Several HomePods and HomePods Mini in Airplay 2 Mode

Number of Tracks in Library

42757 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi everyone,

Music stops playing randomly. I don’t know why, but after pressing play in a playlist, the first music starts playing, but it stops when it is to play the second one. I need to press play again, and then it plays the second music. But it stops when it should automatically play the third music in the playlist. This pattern repeats over and over. I always need to press play for each music.

This does not make sense and this did not happen before. Quite weird! Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

I have this behaviour as well when trying to stream music to my Sonos devices using AirPlay.

Hi @Juliano_Benvindo,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Can you please duplicate this issue for me? I will need the date/time/affected tracks to be able to look at logging and see what Roon sees happening.

Please let me know and thanks.


@wes I am experiencing this problem today, here is a timestamp - local tracks were playing, after almost every track my Sonos One SL stops. Before that, Roon Radio was playing for several hours without any interruptions.

Date / Time: 23.02.2023 16:11
Track: The Feelies / Sooner or Later

I hope it’s OK if I post timestamps here too, although it’s not my thread.

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