Stop realtime watching a folder without disabling it?

Sorry if this has been raised before but I couldn’t see anything in the search.

Is there a way to stop realtime watching of a folder without disabling it?

Background is that I have a Mac Mini with a Drobo disc pack attached (not a NAS) holding the library, which never powers down. A quick check with ‘lsof’ reveals 3 open files - RoonServer has open each of the directories to the library (/Volumes/Drobo, /Volumes/Drobo/Music, /Volumes/Drobo/Music/Roon), preventing it from parking the drives.

Essentially the library is read-only - I only add a new album every few months (lots of Tidal) and am happy to force a rescan each time I do that. Add the fact that I only listen to music when I’m not at work and this is a lot of time when the drives are running and don’t need to be.

I appreciate some people have a more active usage and, for them, the current model is fine. However, to keep heat and power consumption down I would like to have the option to disable library monitoring altogether.



I want to bring this question back up: is there any possibilty (setting in a config file) to disable realtime watching of the folders? It keeps my discs in my QNAP to go to sleep :frowning:


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