Stop realtime watching of watched folder

I’d like to bump this topic again. My music library is on my NAS and the file watching prevents the disks from sleeping. I would be great to have the option to set this so that scans could just be done manually when new music is added.

I would think that Watching the folder is hard coded into Roon. To quit Watching would be to Disable it which in turn temporarly removes it from your library.

Having said that this creates your issue.

There is a work around and that would be to move your music to the core locally and use the Nas to backup these files.

Hope this helps.


I agree with Mark - this would be a very welcome feature. My NAS disks have proven to be very reliable over the years. I have them set to hibernate mode so they spend the vast majority of time quiesced, a state of affairs I want to keep. Presently, I run Roon on a laptop and have so far resisted moving to something more permanent largely because I don’t want those disks to be permanently spinning.

I don’t consider that a work around, I consider that best practice.

Unfortunately that’s a bit awkward with large music libraries. I have almost 2TB of music files on my NAS, accessed by several different systems. Having them local to my core would require an external drive and would require me to jump though additional hoops to keep everything in sync. Plex has an option to not automatically check for updates, I’m don’t understand why Roon doesn’t have this as well.

If you are having this issue, then check out this thread

It definitely appears to be Roon accessing the drive. I have the volumes mounted on a Mac Mini and can see that disk access is occurring every 15-20 seconds. Looking in RoonServer_log.txt I see references to the local paths every time the disk access is occurring. I’ve included a sample below:

11/26 20:09:50 Debug: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] ev_subdirectory, path: /share/NAS/CD_MUSIC
11/26 20:09:50 Debug: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] ev_subdirectory, path: /share/NAS/HIREZ_MISIC
11/26 20:09:50 Debug: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] ev_subdirectory, path: /share/NAS/OTHER_MUSIC