Stop roon from picking the next album

i pick an album to play. it finishes. i want roon to stop playing. instead, it picks another album and continues playing. i’ve tried various metadata settings to no effect.

what am i overlooking?

This article may help:
roon radio

thanks harald, but it really doesn’t.

when the album i pick to play finishes, i want roon to stop. don’t pick and play something else you think i might want to hear. how do i turn this feature off for all albums? how do i make “no roon radio” my default?

ok, i think i found the solution to my problem, once the feature was given a name (“roon radio” – thanks harald). click on Queue at the bottom right, turn off start after playing (the only option).

jeez this is an annoying feature. the default ought to be to NOT start playing.

i’m listening to skip james and roon decides that the appropriate follow-up should be xenakis’s pithoprakta. uh sorry, that’s a loser. my wife nearly jumped out of her skin.