Stopping app on Android tablet / file

Hi all,
I am new to Roon and had some problems with my HiFi system. Over the weekend I set things up properly and managed to get everything working nicely.
Also to save electricity I always power my hifi system down totally. So no Roon core running.
When I later wanted to do away with all the apps on my Nokia T20 that I’m using to control things, I could “kill” all apps - except for Roon. It continuously wanted to connect to the Roon core, which I had switched off. I kept trying to stop it, but it kept coming back on.
As I didn’t want Roon to empty the battery I had to uninstall it…
Possibly not the best option…
Any ideas of other options than to uninstall and next time install the app on my tablet - or is it intended to constantly hunt for Roon core?
On another matter - I have all my music on my NAS organised in files, according to artists.
Now in Roon I only have artists, not files. Let’s say Beatles. I have a file Beatles. Now under that file I have the various albums, alphabetically.
In Roon I have all the Beatles albums lined up in one way or another. Also other albums, e. g. samplers are now turning up randomly…
Have I overlooked something or is this the only way Roon works?
These two things are killer arguments for not continuing with Roon…
Best, Olaf

Stop the app like any other on Android?

Though I doubt it does much if it’s in the background, I never stop it explicitly, e.g when I leave the house, and it never drains my battery.

Though what does “kept coming back on” mean? Does it come back to the foreground on its own? That’s not normal

Not sure what you mean. Screenshots please, and describe what you want instead of what’s in the screenshots

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, that’s right. I close all apps, but Roon keeps coming back automatically without me opening it myself.
By the way, it’s pure Android 12…
Regarding the album/file matter, I’ll upload something later to make it clearer.

OK, I have never seen that or read about an app coming back to the foreground, neither Roon nor any other :slight_smile: Not sure if this isn’t an OS issue

Sorry for the long delay in replying…
Took me sometime to figure out what the problem was. Until I discovered a tiny lock sign in the top right corner. Unknown to me you can lock pages… (A thing of Andorid 12?) Just tip on it briefly and it will come on or off. Must have done this accidently. Maybe this can help others with similar problems…

Ah! Galaxy phones seem to have this, maybe your Nokia too. As far as I have found not Android as such, but I might be missing something

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