Stops playing after last update

After last update Roon randomly stop playing and not responding whey pressing play in PC application or IOS app. Stop playing is always at the beginning of new song. Restarting PC app or IOS app doesn’t help.
Stopping and starting Roon core on Qnap is helping for few hours and problem is coming back. All systems are with current software updated today.
This problem never occured before last week Roon update.

And it did it again. After two hours. I’m restarting Roon process in Qnap. Doesn’t help…

Stop playing songs from library on Qnap via ethernet. Shows icon “pause” on PC app and pressing it has no result. It’s quiet. Restarting client apps doesnt help. Restarting core was helping yesterday and today morning, but not anymore. IOS apps doesnt work too.
Roon is useless now and not working at all.

Core on Qnap TVS-951x with current stable software. Database on RAID1 SSD and music on RAID5 on HDDs on separate share. About 40000 tracks. Roon plays on two Raspberry Pi and HiFiberry via ethernet 1Gbps and sometimes (not now) two Chromecast Audio via 801.11 11Mbps WiFi. PC Windows 10, i9-9900K, GTX1080Ti, 32GB RAM, 0,5TB SSD and 3 TB HD. IOS - iPhone X and iPad Air.

Hi @Jan_Werbinski,

Is this behavior happening for all endpoints? If you play to System Output of the PC does it work okay?

I play on HiFiberry. After playing on Hifiberry stopped then it’s not possible to start play on any endpoint including PC or IOS. I didn’t test playing only on PC from the beginning.

It’s like play/pause button doesn’t respond. Queue is empty. Not possible to skip tracks. No live radio.

Hi @Jan_Werbinski,

Could you please try rebooting the QNAP and starting playback to one of your other zones such as System Output on the PC or one of your Chromecast Audios? Does playback remain stable for other zones and this issue just impacts the Hifiberry zone?

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