Stops Playing - Audio Zones

What is the deal with audio zones disappearing/reappearing? iPhone takes forever to show up as zone, then Roon stops and loses it. I’m almost ready to move on from Roon but if it worked more than it doesn’t, well.

In two words, network reliability. Roon’s pretty demanding here and I’d guess it’s the biggest source of support posts. Well at least before 1.8 :wink:

If you’re genuinely after support then please say a bit more about your network (hardware and connections). I’ll then move this to the support section where you’ll get some help.

It’s the only service on the network with an issue. All wired gig. ASUS 86u router and two 86 ap’s + 400MB internet. Only Roon chokes. Core is a Mac mini with 16GB and wired. Anyway getting tired of this forum and troubleshooting software that should just work after all these years. Likely moving on.

Hey @Chris_Lischy,

Sorry to hear (this late) about the trouble you’ve ran into with Roon. Even if with a delay (our apologies :pleading_face:), we’d love to help you enjoy Roon. Are you still interested?

Thank you @killdozer for your helpful post :pray:

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