Storage device showing offline

Core Machine
You know quite well… search one of my previous post… is a NUC build as per your specs

Description of Issue

the problem once again is with that crazy bugged backup system… I’ve installed a new hdd as per instruction received here form one of the forum moderator, that the technical support is unable to reply as should admit your backup software is simply horrible… bugged… causing problems, and today… switching on as usual… after played some radio station… going to albums…

and no way to recover the right position, that is there as the system see the previous backup, but nothing… refuse to load the position

so I’ve selected recover by backup… done… all the albums added from previous to today obviously lost… start… strange counting activity about album with a value that decreases instead of increasing… W.T.F. … then reach zero and the screen you can see above is back :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

I’ve tried restarting the system but nothing… doesn’t load library

What should I do?

Are you talking about albums from Qobuz mysteriously disappearing?

If so, then there’s an issue with Qobuz servers not syncing properly with Roon. See Here:

BTW, your Qobuz Favorites list is still intact, so in Roon you can always go to Qobuz > My Qobuz >Favorite Albums > More and play an album from there. It’s a workaround until the syncing process gets your Qobuz albums back into your Library…

no, I’m talking about message in Roon Rock telling me that somebody somehow somewere sometimes has moved my library… is this the same thing? because if so then the message from Rock is, at least, a lot foggy

I will roughly translate for you the message (sorry for my english)…
“It seems that one of your backup positions is offline. Go into backup settings and check that all is connected”

I don’t see anything that can help me understanding problem is outside my hardware… so Geoff thanks as usual for your precious and precise and quick help, let’s say message text from the systems should be improved… to be more clear and generate less confusion in users

OK, so are you saying that you’ve now stopped using a USB stick for Roon Backups, and are now using a USB drive (name: HIKVISION)?

Did you set up the Scheduled Backup to use this drive, or did you assume that the existing settings for the USB stick would continue to work for the new drive?

I ask because that second screenshot looks a bit odd - why have you got two Backup locations defined - both in the same root folder (roon_backups)?

No, I though to do manually every two-three weeks
Yes, I agree… probably because trying to recover the disappeard library (see above) I’ve pointed both to the same folder… that is quite strange for sure but I was worried to cancel one of them not understanding what was the problem in background… my doubt was: and if I cancel the wrong one do I loose all my library?

stupid doubts coming from stupid system’s messages

Hmm - I suspect the issue is a problem of your own making, I’m sorry to say. You’ve told Roon to make two separate backups in effectively the same place I think. I don’t know whether the situation is recoverable. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until Support are able to pick this up and advise you further.

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Hello @Paolo_C,

Thanks for getting in touch as soon as this issue came up. I am so sorry that instead of listening to music, error messages are showing up :sweat:

We’d love to help, but first, a big thank you to @Geoff_Coupe for making suggestions along the way :pray:

If I understand correctly, you’re trying to restore an existing backup in Roon and that fails? Did anything happen that you have to restore a backup?

Have you tried a full reboot of your Roon Core, not restart:

  • power off your Core completely
  • unplug it for a couple of minutes
  • plug it back in
  • turn it on

Any change?

Also, unless you absolutely must, we recommend against manual backups. Is there a reason why you’re not scheduling backups?

Once you get this problem resolved, and I hope you do, I highly recommend you plug a USB HDD into your NUC and use that for scheduled backups. I have mine scheduled to back up every night at 4:00am and save the previous 30 backups. It’s been doing that for the past 18 months and never missed a single backup.

NO, the problem was there before… the day before it was exactly the same and no problem at all… in the mean time, between normal-mode and crazy-mode, I didn’t perform any backup at all… so I’m sorry to say that, IMHO, the problem is from Roon… and, as you pointed, I’m not alone facing that

by the way, I remeber now that equivalent episode already happened in the past… same monutain of claims… but no slution implemented by Roon to keep customers (that is what we are) peacefull…

how? just my two cents… when Roons switch on it connects automatically with Roon servers somewere, at that moment from Roon server it should be possible to send (continuously) a broadcast message informing customers about malfunctions is happening and that is not from their hardware… is it impossible?

Ciao Jim,

yes my HDD is already plugged into the NUC… I just avoided scheduled backup as I want to keep spinning hours of the cooling fan as low as possible. I use my NUC roughly four hours/day so leaving it always on means a number of hours 6 times higher… and the fan has a life as everything, and sucks dust into radiator, so manual periodical backup for me should be fine and, in practice, identical to automatic one

ciao Rebeka,

following the same sequence…

yes Geoff is precious guy here inside

yes it fails, yes all my library was gone (because, now I know, if that info is right, synching problems between Roon servers and Qobuz… all my music is from Qobuz)

yes, I switch off the core every day after using it, so it was from that state at the beginning… then before to try to recover I switched it off again unplugging the cable from the wall…

no change, it loaded properly the backup from the SDD (external, only for backup, plugged into NUC) then started scanning library with a “nice” countdown from roughly 700 (the numbers of discs in my library) to 0… it happened two times (that before to write here I try to solve problems by myself)

why? is it manual backup bugged or what? where are differencies between manual and scheduled automatic backup? if I manual select always the same directory why it shouldn’t work properly? (about the reason in background of my decision pls see above) …

ok, I’ve read the info about backup and will scheduled with automatic… once the NUC will die earlier because unnecessary continuos ON status should I send invoice to who? (just joking)

but now a doubt… is that a problem, seems I’m not alone with that suddenly missing library, coming from synching between Roon server and Qobuz or?

Why exactly are you trying to sync your library from a backup?

Unless there is a fatal error in the Roon database on the internal SSD of the NUC, there is no need to restore from a backup.

Martin… it is written above

So why do you feel the need to restore from a backup?

Is the Roon database on your NUC’s SSD corrupted somehow?

Martin would you please read posts above? thank you.

Roon has two sorts of Backup built in:

  • Scheduled Backups - which will automatically backup your database periodically with timestamped backups; giving you a choice of Backups you can restore. The choice is displayed by the Clean/Restore function of Scheduled backups.
  • Backup now - which will make a single backup. You will need to use the Find backups command to locate the Backup folder that you have defined to be able to restore this backup.

Before these two commands were added to Roon, people used to have to make Backups manually, following the process described here:

Since the introduction of the built-in Backup commands, this process is now deprecated and not recommended.

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For weather and power continuity reasons I power down every night in summer and most nights in winter.So Jim’s 4;00 trick is out for me

I power up when I get up, my BU is scheduled for 10am when I am unlikely to be listening, if you are the BU fails with a tiny exclamation mark warning that is easy to miss.

The only drawback is the BU hogs the processor in my case for 7-8 minutes

I would join in and recommend auto BU , you can’t forget !

My Nucleus has been running 24/7 for 18 months. I’ve never turned it off except to reboot a few times. In my opinion, FWIW, I think Roon is more reliable if you leave your core running. I doubt it uses enough energy to matter. Automatic backup’s work well.

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Nucleus doesn’t have any cooling fan