Storage disappearing: DirectoryNotReady issue (repeated) in 1.3

My Roon server keeps losing it’s connection to my music stores, so no music appears in my library. The Storage settings menu shows DirectoryNotReady for each store. Here is a screenshot:

This happened after I first upgraded to 1.3, and it has happened with each subsequent upgrade. I’m currently on build 196.

Resetting the Synology fixes the problem temporarily, but after a few hours it is broken again.

My Setup:

  • Roon Server (1.3 build 196) running on Ubuntu 16.04.1 on an Intel Skull Canyon (i7) NUC.
  • Using music library stored on a Synology DS1815+ (with latest software).
  • 4 Music Folders. ~ 3500 albums.
  • Roon Client (1.3 build 196) running on MacBook Pro, 10.12.3.

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