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In reviewing my Roon app after the last update i noticed in the Clean up section of Library Maintenance that I had some 22k deleted files. I opted to clean them.

I have approximately 25k tracks in my iTunes Library, FYI.

I then when to the Storage tab to be sure all was in order and I noticed that the track count was zero but loading. Normally this number is approximately the same as the track count in my iTunes Library. I also noted that the “scanned” count was minimal but loading. Normally these numbers are stable and I would occasionally hit Force Rescan if I wanted to be sure Roon was in sync with my iTunes Library.

I returned to the Storage tab periodically over the past days and though the Tracks Imported has stabilized at 25538, the Files Scanned is continuous (7540 and increasing at the moment, but never concluding). As well, the Force Rescan command is gray and unavailable.

Any tips…I’m really not sure about what I’m seeing.

Thank you…


Hi, nowadays I have to hit Force Rescan after copying music to my storage folder so that it appears on the Newly Added Home screen. It seems Roon is not watching the folder. Before it used to appear as soon as I copied the music.

Any comments @support?

Thanks…normally I do the same to ensure sync, but Force Rescan is grayed out.

I am just guessing here, but by your description “the Files Scanned is continuous (7540 and increasing at the moment, but never concluding).” the “Force Rescan” is probably grayed out because there is a scan already “in progress”. But also by your description it seems like it is stuck or just taking a very long time. When was the last time you restarted the Core? Might ry it to see if it “refreshes” things.

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Thank you! Restarted the Nucleus an hour ago and life is good again!


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