Storage location naming

No biggie but can you change the storage naming for an SD card attached to a NUC running Rock? Seems to have a long name for the card and I can’t seem to be able to rename it, thanks

That is the naming convention that Roon OS uses to identify an external USB device.


Direct Answer is that you cannot change that device name.

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Don’t even try, you will get duplicates and cause more confusion :rofl:

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That sounds like you’re talking from experience :joy:

I use a NUC/ROCK with an internal SSD but a few months back I added a USB drive to include some of my more obscure stuff. I renamed the USB Drive to “USB” , Roon re-named it back , so I had 2 !! Roon got very confused .

Eventually I deleted the drive from Settings>Storage , rebooted , cleared the Library Maintenance section for a missing drive and started all over again

Yep Got the T shirt , don’t fiddle :rofl: :rofl:

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