Storage of metadata

How much local storage does Roon take for the metadata, covers etc it downloads? Does anyone know where these information is stored on the local drive and if it is possible to change the location?

How much local storage is very much dependent on the size of your collection. If you have a large collection you can expect to use multiple gigabytes… Din’t have my Roon core laptop fired up at present so can’t tell you where it’s stored.

Do you have a Windows or Mac-based system / core ?


It’s around 1GB now. Is it possible to change the file location and also is there a way of backing up and restoring the library similar to JRiver?

Hi @elt22! Thanks for your questions.

Right now, it’s not possible to change this location, as it’s part of how our update system works. We’ve heard this request from a couple of users, so we’re looking into what might be possible in the future.

As for backing up and restoring your library, the entire database is stored in the location @rolski mentioned above. We’re considering some ways to make backing up and restoring easier, and we’re also planning to implement cloud syncing as part of our roadmap, so in the future this will all be automatic.

For now, the best way to backup your Roon library is to shut down the app once in a while and backup the entire Roon folder.