Storage Settings

Hi, roon community I´m new at roon and not sure what setting should I choose for the Music folders …

  • Watch folders
  • Music folder
  • Organized folders
  • Roon folder
  • etc …

which expereience your made?

All my Music is Organized with out itunes.


@Normann_Becker, Do not use Organized folders it modifies your library, I use watched.


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I want to 2nd @Ratbert. Use Watched Folders in Roon.


Thanks, I will choose the Watched folders to. That Sounds good to me.

I agree with @ratbert and @rugby and the devs have also advised against using organised folders. They will be phased out in future after changes are made to the drag n drop file addition method (at the moment such files get added to the default organised folder that Roon sets up when installed).

The only thing I have had to do with organised folders is that I had been dropping newly ripped albums in to the default organised folder in order for Roon to create everything it may want by way of folders, links etc. I then moved all of that to a watched folder for storage and access. It is not necessary to do this and lately I’ve become lazy and am just adding ripped albums to my watched folder and identifying them.