Storage Setup Question

I ask this because I made a setup change to my normal settings to try and test a few things.

All music on a NAS.

I use network folders to point to my music.

On the NAS all music files are under a folder called “music”

I wanted to test some things by adding an additional folder which just had music files of a certain type, FLAC. The folder with all the FLAC files lives under the “music” folder.

So my normal set up is /music

which has folders called the following:

/High Res

I added a new network folder pointing to /music/flac and enabled it.

Could this setup possibly cause an issue with getting duplicates for all my FLAC files, meaning have two albums of each FLAC album show up in Roon?

I ask because I got myself into a situation where I ended up with duplicates when checking the file paths, one set was in /music, the other was listed as being in /users/username/Music/Roon.

I had briefly enabled the Roon Folder by accident. That folder is located on the local drive of my Mac Mini which runs Roon (Core). Even after disabling the folder, and re scan all my albums the duplicates were not removed.

I resolved by removing the primary Roon folders (/library/Roon) from my system and re installing, this time without the /FLAC folder.


Yes, if the same folders are watched twice, you’ll end up with duplicates.