Storage starts suddenly and stops music playing


Roon stops while I’m playing music and starts to do a storage, which takes some time and is a nuisance when it starts doing that unexpectedly. Isn’t there a way to do the storage at the beginning of a session when I start up Roon , or on my request? Or is it possible to install this somewhere in settings (which I haven’t found yet)?

You can set storage location scan frequency on network storage locations, not local storage. Settings - Storage- 3 dot on the network storage line- Edit - Automatic Rescan Interval.

Are you possibly talking about the playback interruption during Roon DB backups? Backup times are defined in the backup job. See also: Backup

Hi Rugby,

Thanks for your reply. I found what you suggested but all storages were: only on start up.
I remember to have done this, but I forgot how. So point is still. The rescans don’t (always?) start when I start up Roon.

Nice meeting you Blackjack,

Thanks for the suggestion. That might have been it, but I am not watching my screen all the time, so it might be a suggestion to start DB backups only after me hitting a (possibly in the future?) “yes” tab

You can set the times for backups.

Frans Gommers 15:41 (7 minuten geleden)

aan It’s

Thanks to all of you for your concern. But the problem hasn’t been solved.

Yesterday afternoon (about 5 pm European time) there was an unexpected storage check.

Today (Thursday) there was a storage check after I had started Roon (oke, that’s what we want) I waited till the time had come that streaming could begin. Then I played Dvorak but after half an hour (about 3 pm) it was interrupted by a storage check again.

Now, when I am typing this very message (3.40 pm)the music stopped again for a storage check.

I hope that one of the (highly valued) Roon technicians is “listening” in.

If it was an update, oke, but leave the choice to me to start it. The way it works now is highly unsatisfactory.

Thanks for reading this,