Storing Metadata in Folder

My library folder structure is “Artist - Album”/*

Naturally, Roon doesn’t identify some albums in this format, so I had to help identifying these albums.

If I move these folders around, will Roon detect this properly or will I have to identify these albums again?

I’d like for Roon to be able to update the files/folders. If not storing complete metadata in the file, I’d like to update the main data fields of the files and/or store a pointer to the correct Roon metadata. That way, when I backup the files the metadata pointer is persistent.

I tried exporting some files and saw that such a pointer is stored at the exported folder. I believe this is also acceptable, but I’d still like the file update solution better.

BTW, MusicBrainz Picard does just that: it stored the GUID of the tracks in the tracks, so that you can always rescan the files and have updated metadata.

Keep up the good work

I rip CDs into the Roon organised folder and then copy them to a watched folder after Roon has organised them how it likes.

When I have manually identified albums in the Roon folder and then copied them to a watched folder, I haven’t had to re-identify.

When I have manually identified albums in Roon but then moved them to an unwatched backup directory before copying to a watched folder then I have had to re-identify (Only did this a few times before learning … )

A lot of changes are on their way in 3.1 regarding metadata, including allowing user defined data. That may well be persistent.

Edit: Roon makes a database containing user defined edits. In Windows, it is located in
C:\Users\ [your user name] \AppData\Local\Roon\
If a folder is recognised as containing an album in the database then it should be persistent. The re-identification I’ve experienced above is probably due to closing down Roon before analysis of recently added albums is complete.