STP album unavailable

The new MQA Stone Temple Pilots addition Core was nice to see, but after several days all of the tracks are still unavailable??


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I can get the regular 96khz MQA version as well, but can’t you see the deluxe version when clicking on Tidal, masters?
4 tracks on the 4 discs are playable, all the rest say unavailable

Interesting. I couldn’t find it either, until you mentioned seeing in the Masters tab.

I added it and it’s Unavailable for me as well. I clicked the 3 dots menu on a track and selected View File Info and then File Tags. Under the copyright info, it shows that it should be available on Oct. 6, so I suggest we wait and see if it becomes available then.

Cheers, Greg

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Available here in Australia:

If you’re not seeing all versions from Tidal, try deleting any current Tidal version and reloading the page.

Ok cool; I never would have taken the time to figure that out. Thanks for the info. Countdown is on…

I heard that STP like Aussies better than Canadians (and apparently Brits). :joy:

Cheers, Greg

Copyright is weird. It used to be common to split between Commonwealth and USA but these days with music streaming rights it’s a zodiac of publishers and recording companies.

Yeah baby! good to go :hugs:

whoops; spoke too soon. The unavailable in red above the tracks has been removed, but they still won’t play. Listening to other tracks on other discs instead. Actually this is interesting; what discs?

Hey Scott,

Well, you are a little early. It isn’t Oct.6 yet (at least in N. America).

Cheers, Greg

I know I know…but I just peeked and saw the red lettering disappeared and got excited…so someone removed the red lettering a little early