Strang behaviour with starting a radio while shuffle playing with 1.4[Ticket in]

Played aroud with the new radio.
If shuffle is not active and I start a new radio while playing, all remaining tracks appear as skipped and the base track of the radio is the only track in the queue. That is as expected.
Not so if shuffle is active. Now only a few tracks are skipped items and there are a few of the old tracks after the playing base track.

Besides the bug it gives me an interesting idea. Would be great if I could change the radio seed without influencing the current playback and queue. You could build a shuffle queue with some tracks similiar the x and mix it with tracks similar to y and so on.
Often while playing you find a great song and thinks, it would be cool to listen to a few similiar song before continuing with the current queue. What do you think?

Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce.

Not long and a whole year has passed since reporting this bug and your confirmation that it is reproducable.
Can I expect a bugfix in a not too far future?

@vova Nothing?

We have some work planned that may touch on this area of the product @AE67, so we’ll take a look at this.

Just keep in mind that changes to the queue often require man-weeks of QA, which is why these issues can sometimes hang around for a while. When we’re doing other work in that area of the app, that testing must happen anyway, so we can fix bugs like this and test the changes basically “for free”.

When that work is not otherwise happening, that amount of testing is costly for us, and can mean the difference between us shipping a new piece of functionality, or it missing the release.

I know it’s frustrating when bugs hang around like this (or like this) but these are the difficult choices we make for every release, and in some cases we opt to ship new functionality if we’re not getting lots of complaints about a particular bug. It doesn’t mean we don’t intend to fix it, but this is the reality of software development.

As usual, these issues are tracked in our system, and we watch feedback closely as we prioritize the backlog. And this feedback is greatly appreciated.

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