Strange behavior after power outage

After a power outage I had to restart my Rock. Now the tidal page says “failed to load albums” in the album section. I also get a message that says “error loading page. Please check your network connections”. My network connection is fine, though. The tidal playlists are also empty. I am also getting a message that Roon metadata is halted for a new update but I have the latest version.

Did you restart your network before restarting the ROCK ?

I power down every day and often see that, I put it down to Tidal not being connected before Roon needs to connect

Try starting the network, wait a few mins until everything’s stable then reboot the Rock

May work

I thought the issues were resolved last night but I woke up this morning and the problems reappeared.

Reboot everything you can possibly reboot.

Listened to the above experts. Problem solved.

No expert just time worn experience :joy::joy::joy: