Strange behavior of 'display' function on iPads

Ok I don’t get it. Seems to me that the same picture could be either scaled down on the Mac or scaled up on the iPad and then in either case they would look roughly the same on both devices, just with slightly different padding around the outside to account for the different display ratios.

Their current algorithm seems to prefer to fill the width and then crops the height if necessary. They no longer do up-scaling by design only down-sizing when/if needed.
In your Mac picture the cropping is needed, on the iPad Pro not because the same pixel width picture (note: they no longer do up-scaling so they can’t fill the width here) fits without height cropping (or maybe there is height cropping, don’t know without the original, but if there is, then it’s obviously much less).

Ok thanks, I get it now. Image ratios on different screen ratios, cropping and scaling are weird :slight_smile: